About Us

Our mandate

The mandate of the Office of the Accessibility Commissioner is to help federally regulated employers and services create a barrier-free Canada through the proactive identification, removal, and prevention of barriers to accessibility. The Commission will implement, administer and enforce the Accessible Canada Act. 

The Commission will implement the Act and its regulations in partnership with persons with disabilities, putting the principle of “Nothing Without Us” into action.

Our Work

As the Commission implements the Accessible Canada Act, its two primary objectives will be: 

  • Proactive compliance and enforcement across the federal jurisdiction of the Commission; and,
  • Management of accessibility complaints. 

The Commission will also be responsible for:

  • Using accessibility data to identify emerging issues and opportunities to improve accessibility; 
  • Engaging with disability stakeholders and other organizations responsible for accessibility to help ensure effective implementation of the Act; and 
  • Preparing accessibility reports, including the Accessibility Commissioner’s Annual Report to the Minister of Justice and the Minister of Employment, Workforce Development and Disability Inclusion.

Our People 

The Accessible Canada Act establishes the Office of the Accessibility Commissioner, who will be a full‑time member of the Canadian Human Rights Commission. Once appointed by the Governor in Council, the Commissioner will be responsible for oversight of the Commission’s accessibility mandate, and for administering and enforcing the Act. 

Work is currently underway to establish the Office of the Accessibility Commissioner.

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