About Us

The Canadian Human Rights Commission is Canada's human rights watchdog. We work for the people of Canada and operate independently from the Government. The Commission helps ensure that everyone in Canada is treated fairly, no matter who they are. We are responsible for representing the public interest and holding the Government of Canada to account on matters related to human rights.

The Commission is responsible for administering the Canadian Human Rights Act, which protects people in Canada from discrimination when based on any of the grounds of discrimination such as race, sex and disability. Under the Act, the Commission receives human rights complaints and works with both the complainant and respondent to resolve the issues through mediation.

The Commission also administers the Accessible Canada Act, the Employment Equity Act, and the Pay Equity Act -- laws designed to prevent discrimination and promote inclusion through proactive compliance.

Our mandate

The Accessible Canada Act gives the Commission the authority to work with federally regulated employers and services to create a barrier-free Canada through the proactive identification, removal, and prevention of barriers to accessibility.

The Accessibility Commissioner will enforce (make organizations follow) the Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Canada Regulations. In the future, they will also deal with accessibility complaints.

The Accessibility Unit of the Canadian Human Rights Commission will support the Accessibility Commissioner in carrying out their responsibilities.

Our mission

We collaborate with our partners to achieve the Accessible Canada Act's goal of a barrier-free Canada.

Our vision

We envision a society where everyone embraces and benefits from accessibility, and where people with disabilities feel welcome and included and can fully participate.

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