Q’s and A’s: No wrong door

Frequently Asked Questions from the Council of Federal Accessibility Agencies:

What is the Accessible Canada Act?

The Accessible Canada Act establishes a framework for the proactive identification,
removal, and prevention of barriers to accessibility for persons with disabilities

Who does the Accessible Canada Act apply to?

The Accessible Canada Act applies to organizations under federal responsibility
(“regulated entities”):

  • The Government of Canada, including Government Departments, Crown Corporations and Agencies
  • The Federally Regulated Private Sector, including Organizations in the Transportation Sectors, Broadcasting and Telecommunications Services, and the Banking and Financial Sectors;
  • Parliament, including the Senate, the House of Commons, the Library of Parliament and the Parliamentary Protective Service; and,
  • The Canadian Forces and the Royal Canadian Mounted Police.
How will the Accessible Canada Act work?

Once developed, regulations will require federally regulated organizations to create and
publish accessibility plans, to put in place mechanisms for receiving and addressing
feedback, and to report on the implementation of their accessibility plans. 

Regulations will be phased in over the coming years for each of the areas covered by
the Accessible Canada Act

  • Employment;
  • Built environments;
  • Information and communication technologies;
  • Communication, other than information and communication technologies;
  • Procurement of goods, services and facilities;
  • Design and delivery of programs and services;
  • Transportation; and
  • Areas designated under regulations made under paragraph 117(1)(b).

The Accessible Transportation for Persons with Disabilities Regulations, registered on
June 25, 2019, are the first to support the implementation of the Accessible Canada Act,
and will strengthen the accessibility of the national transportation system

How will the Accessible Canada Act be enforced?

A new Accessibility Commissioner within the Canadian Human Rights Commission, the
Canadian Transportation Agency, the Canadian Radio-television and
Telecommunications Commission, and the Federal Public Sector Labour Relations and
Employment Board will all be involved in enforcement. 

How will complaints be made under the Accessible Canada Act? 

Once regulations are in effect, you will be able to file an accessibility complaint under
the Accessible Canada Act

Where can I file a complaint now?

The organizations listed below deal with accessibility and disability-related complaints
based on their existing mandates:

What is a “no wrong door” complaint process?

A “no wrong door” complaint process ensures that regardless of where a person brings
their complaint, it will be referred quickly and easily to the organization best suited to
address the issue.



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