Self-assessment tools

Voluntary self-assessment tools to help organizations create and review their accessibility plans and feedback processes, in compliance with the requirements of the Accessible Canada Act and the Accessible Canada Regulations.

Regulatory authorities and obligations

The Accessible Canada Act designates three regulatory authorities:

  • the Accessibility Commissioner,
  • the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission, and
  • the Canadian Transportation Agency.

Each authority has its own regulations and requirements for accessibility plans. Although the regulations are similar, they are not identical.

Organizations that fall under more than one regulatory authority should use these tools to assess their compliance requirements with the Accessible Canada Regulations. These organizations will also need to confirm that they meet the requirements of the Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission Accessibility Reporting Regulations or the Canadian Transportation Agency Accessible Transportation Planning and Reporting Regulations.

For more information about the regulatory authorities and their regulations, visit Who oversees the Act, Who is covered by the Act and Regulations.

Publication options

For organizations that fall under two regulatory authorities, there are two options for submitting accessibility plans and descriptions of feedback processes.

  • The first option: provide a single accessibility plan and a single description of a feedback process that meets the requirements of both sets of regulations and notify both authorities at the same time.
  • The second option: provide separate accessibility plans and separate descriptions of feedback processes for each authority and notify each authority upon publication:

    • The Accessibility Commissioner; and
    • One of the following two, depending on which organization is the regulatory authority:
      • Canadian Radio-television and Telecommunications Commission; or
      • Canadian Transportation Agency.
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