About the progress reports

Notify the Accessibility Commissioner

Organizations must notify the Accessibility Commissioner via the My Accessibility Portal within 48 hours of publishing their accessibility plans, description of their feedback process and progress reports.

Progress reports explain the progress organizations have made in carrying out their accessibility plans.

Progress reports must include:

  • information received through the feedback process;
  • how the organization has considered that feedback; and,
  • how the organization consulted people with disabilities when preparing the progress report.

Planning and reporting cycles

Accessibility planning and reporting cycles are determined by the Accessible Canada Regulations. Each cycle lasts three years. The three-year cycle looks like this:

At the end of each reporting cycle, a new cycle begins. Accessibility is an ongoing practice. In year one of the first cycle, you must publish what is called your initial accessibility plan. The deadline for publishing this first accessibility plan varies depending on the type of organization.

Learn more

To learn about the publication requirements for all federally regulated organizations and those that fall under more than one regulatory authority, please visit the Publication Requirements.

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