Organizational obligations

Is your organization covered by the Accessible Canada Act (ACA)? If so, you must publish:

You must notify the Accessibility Commissioner through My Accessibility Portal when you publish your documents.
Read the Government of Canada’s Guidance on the Accessible Canada Regulations (ACR) to help you understand your obligations.

ASL videos format are available on YouTube.

Services and information on organizations obligations

Overview of the Accessible Canada Act

Learn about the Accessible Canada Act and what it means for organizations and individuals.

Deadlines for organizations

Overview of the different deadlines and planning and reporting cycles that organizations must meet under the Accessible Canada Regulations

Accessibility plans

Create a plan for your organization

Progress reports

Learn about progress reports and the planning and reporting cycles

Feedback processes

Publishing requirements and amending the feedback process


Understand our approach to compliance and inspections

Publication requirements

General publication requirements and specific requirements for those organizations that fall under two regulatory authorities

Tools for regulated entities

Related acts and regulations

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